Supply Chain Solution

A big factor in your success is tied to the management of your materials. Losing track of one or two seemingly small components could lead to disastrous outcome of unable to meet market demand and customer satisfaction.


With CHAMP as partner, we will customise a solution that suits your needs with no detail is left to chance. You will achieve your goals in a profitable manner by having the right mix of products in place where and when you need them.

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Choose the right parts

Our partnerships with hundreds of leading suppliers mean we can help you find the right components at the right cost. Let us handle the logistics of importing prats, manufacturing your products and sub-assemblies, and shipping products and parts worldwide

Reverse Logistics

Repair, Replace, Maintain

We will collect product from your customer’s site and handle repairs, replacements and offsite maintenance.

Excess Inventory

Quick turnover of your inventory challenge

The longer your components sit untouched, the greater the loss as the parts go obsolete and lose reseller value. We recover values by offering flexible and customisable solutions to convert excess parts into maximum ROI.

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How to Source Quality A&D Components 


Reverse Logistics 

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Streamlined Procurement Approach

Design Engineering Advisory (DEA)

With CHAMP’s DEA, you can easily design, validate, build and test your product, speeding up your time to market.


Engaging CHAMP for your design engineering needs give you on-demand access to specialised experts who leverage advance studio and select partnerships to rapidly design, validate, build and test. With CHAMP’s team of design experts serving as an extension of your team, you can focus on your core differentiators and get the right products and solutions to market at the right time.

Services Solution Supply Chain

Hardware Design

Fully Customised Design

Our team includes specialists for every technology we offer who collaborate around your requirements. Together we’ll enable your system to perform smoothly and deliver the experience you want for your customers. CHAMP's engineers come from an OEM background, designing products for market applications. They’re also trained by the technology suppliers CHAMP represents.

Project Management

Seamless Communication

CHAMP's Program, Project and Service Management (PPSM) helps plan and direct any development efforts spanning the product lifecycle to drive high quality and predictable outcomes at scale for our clients. We have dedicated project manager to provide update, escalate issues and coordinate and run partner calls.

Performance Optimisation

Product Fine-tuning

CHAMP creates sizing requirements for your work before your product goes into production phrase. We provide product lifecycle testing, and optimisation for existing and new designs. Validate performance results on new product generations, reduce hardware costs through refined testing, and offer product enhancements to improve performance.

Reliability Testing

Commitment to Accuracy

We offer a variety of testing services to ensure the stability of your system, including but not limited to: Thermal, shock and vibration, acoustic, EMC (ElectroMagnetic Compatibility) pre-certification, HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing) and HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening), and software compatibility. We can also adopt to either your testing protocol, or ours, or a combination of both to protect against any performance issues that may be incurred by environmental conditions or hardware/software interaction issues.

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Solution for OEM Material Shortages

Fulfillment Services

Partnering with CHAMP can help with reduce time to market and mitigate risks related to the complexity of a global implementation.


Fulfilment is a critical function of modern manufacturing and servicing organisations. Our Fulfilment Services team get ensure your products get where they need to be – and with our regional distribution centres and transportation network support, you can meet your clients’ orders on-time, and at scale.

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Results of Fulfillment Services

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Expanded Data Centre Shortage


How We Deliver


Identify challenges and begin crafting solution


Dedicated project manager and/or engineer to provide update and coordinate​


Field testing for market specific applications and quality inspection​


Handle the logistic and fulfilment part to meet our customers’ timeline​


Flexible post-sale service to put our customers at ease​