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Case Studies

Expanded Data Centre Shortage

The Challenge 

A global provider of thermal management products was not able to provide a solution that met the cooling needs for their customer’s data centre storage. They were experiencing a tight deadline and a shift in their customers’ preferences. As a leader in the fans and thermal management product space, the team knew they had to act quickly to fulfill this new customer demand.

The Results 

The team reached out to CHAMP to quickly create and manage a custom cooling assembly solution. CHAMP provided a same-day quote, and promptly engineered a customized design the next day. Data centre cooling specs were adhered to and materials were easily sourced leveraging CHAMP’s network. Pulling these resources together efficiently enabled the assembly and shipment of 420 units pieces within 7 business days of design approval. CHAMP’s design manufacturing and supply chain resources enables the data centre provider to seamlessly execute and provide a positive experience for their end client.