Sales Engineering

Our knowledgeable sales engineers are strategically aligned with emerging technologies and complementary vendor solutions, ensuring you are provided focused expertise. We help you generate pipeline and build customer confidence to accelerate sales.

Services Strategy Sales

Engineering Duties

Field Application Engineering (FAE)

CHAMP works very closely with key suppliers to produce products for development as well as straight to production products like SOMs (System-on-Modules). Our qualified field application engineers bring years of practical experience designing components into market specific applications.

Help Desk Support Services

Post-sales Services

CHAMP has you covered with services from the moment the product ships through the end of its service life in the field. We can provide a flexible post-sales solution directly for your end users or to complement your channel. - Warranty and break/fix services - Asset disposition

Results of Sales Engineering


Aerospace and Defence


CHAMP works with world’s leading businesses, governments, and organisation. We help our clients to understand their unique strengths and create a strategy combined with solutions that builds on their differential to deliver results.

Services Strategy Research

align with business goals

Digital Strategy and Transformation

We provide strategic advice, as well as testing and controls from the design phase onward, to help digital rollouts stay on or get ahead of budget. We assist our clients align all digital solutions with business goals.

discover completive advantage

Analytics and Data Management

We advise our clients on how to manage and leverage their vast amounts of data as a completive advantage and strategically use analytics to guide organisational decision-making.

Creation of Values

Capabilities Architecture

We work with clients to strategically design and evolve new enterprise architectures with nimble platforms (e.g., cloud, XaaS, and micro-automation) that are more powerful, easier to enhance, and less costly to maintain.

Results of Research


Market Bulletins Q1 2022

Capital Solutions

CHAMP helps manage finances in a way that provides sustained growth opportunities, protect margins, and reduces risk. Any type of end user, including public sector. We can finance any size end user, as long as they have the credit history to support the transaction.

Services Strategy Customised Financing

Traditional Financing

Preserve Margin

A variety of financing and payment terms are available for our clients to bring the liquidity in this increasingly competitive market, such as capital leases; 12-60 months payment terms; step and seasonal payments; short-term financing; supplier private label program; and non-appropriations available for public sector clients.

Consumption Financing

Pay-per use Model

CHAMP’s consumption model is designed to accommodate our clients’ compute needs, and instant deliverables. We put all the capacity on-site and immediately available while only being charged for monthly commitment. Our elastic consumption model enables our clients to avoid over-procurement and better cash flow by paying as their consume.

Flexi Programs

Customisable Options

We help our clients solve their business challenges by creating the right financing solution to fully utilise the capabilities they need. We can finance anything our clients or their channel partner sell, including components, hardware, cloud, or subscriptions at competitive rates.

Results of Capital Solutions


Aerospace and Defence


How We Deliver


Identify challenges and begin crafting solution


Dedicated project manager and/or engineer to provide update and coordinate​


Field testing for market specific applications and quality inspection​


Handle the logistic and fulfilment part to meet our customers’ timeline​


Flexible post-sale service to put our customers at ease​