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Aerospace and Defence

Space travel, once reserved solely for government-backed initiatives built over decades, is entering a golden new age of privatization and accessibility. This pivot is leading to unprecedented acceleration in the development of aerospace technology. This represents an incredible opportunity both for those organisations leading missions into space and the companies that support them. 

Move with Speed, Move with Precision 

Moving quickly works only when you can move with speed and precision, particularly in aerospace and defence applications, in which the right technology and reliable supply chain is essential. 

CHAMP has spent decades building relationships with top-tier manufacturers in mil-spec technology. We put our deep knowledge of the global supply chain to work to help streamline your operations and provide you with cutting-edge parts from verified sources. 

As one of the world’s leading distributors of OEM and mil-spec products, Champ Electronics is your partner for aerospace and defence tech. 

Why Work with CHAMP

We work tirelessly to establish committed relationships with the most forward-thinking suppliers and technology leads in the world. We offer our aerospace and defence customers: 

> Military-qualified and commercial off-the-shelf products 
> Mil-spec source-controlled drawings and manufacturer part number standardisation 
> Value-added capabilities 
> Design services 
> Modification and repair support 
> Fully compliant products