Our Products

Airmotive Products

Connectors for the real world of ground power, proven in commercial and military use, worldwide, for many years

Cable and Cable Assembly

Interconnect Products, Telephone Modular Jacks, Computer Data com Accessories


High Voltage Power Film Capacitors, Mica Capacitors, Screw Terminal Al-Capacitors, Snap-in Capacitors, Oil fill Capacitors, Super Capacitor & Capacitor Solutions for Power Electronics


High Current 15A to 700A Power Connector for; Entertainment; Industrial; Networking; Rresidential Sound & Security

Contactors & Solenolds

Contactors & Solenoids

Electronic Hardware

Screw, Standoffs, Handle, Washers, Internal/External Thread, Captive Panel Screw, Shoulder Screw


Weld Metals, Molds, Ground Rods, Earthing & Lightning Protection Products

Hand Tools & Measure Equipments

Splices, Test Meters, Tools, Wire Management & Accessories


Custom Fabrication of Insulations, Adhesives , Foil laminates

LED Drivers & Modules

LED Drivers, LED Modules, LED Emergency Systems, Electronic Fluorescent Ballasts & Emergency Ballasts EHID Ballasts


Sheet Metal Fab; Machining and Prototype

Polyurethane foam, Porous plastics Clips; Screw: Standoffs

Pipe and Flange Protection, Circuit Board Hardware, Cable Tie and cable management, Fasteners, Locks, Hinges, Handles, Castors, Caps and Plugs

Power Stations Spare Parts

HP & ZGM Series Coal Mill/Pulverizer spare parts

Racking Systems

Racking Systems for Data Center and Computer Systems, including of Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Cooling systems & Power Supply Units.

Relays & Industrial Control

Relays & Industrial Control units


Heat Shrinkable Tubings & Polyswitch