The Challenge  A global provider of thermal management products was not able to provide a solution that met the cooling needs for their customer’s data centre storage. They were experiencing a tight deadline and a shift in their customers’ preferences. As a leader in the fans and thermal management product space, the team knew they […]

The Challenge  A global manufacturer of engine management solutions for EV/Hybrid automotive markets needed a way to reduce inventory. The group also struggled keeping expenses down while sending parts to an outside vendor for lead forming. Procurement management was frustrated while navigating the costs and complexity of buying, receiving and then transferring component parts to […]

The Challenge  A manufacturer of professional grade test and measurement equipment used for wire and cable installation outsourced its printed circuit board (PCB) assembly.  The team was experiencing frequent material shortages on some items on their bill of materials (BoM) as well as excess inventory in their warehouse. This ultimately lower the product sales and […]