The Leading Distributor of Electronics Components

Champ Electronics & Systems

Champ Electronics and Systems Pte Ltd (“CES”) was incorporated on 24th February 1995 in Singapore. CES is a progressive electronic components and parts distributor, vendor and manufacturer authorized reseller that operates in the niche markets concentrating on the electrical and electronic components for the computing, networking, instrumentation and panel building, harnessing and circuit board industries. Backed by 20 years experience, it has the market knowledge and background to allow CES to become one of the leaders in worldwide electronic component sourcing and distribution.

Many services are offered including kitting, buffer stocks, system integration, along with a strong marketing network of agents distributing to the Asean and Asia Pacific region, ie. Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, South China and North China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, India and the Middle East.

Established in 1995 primarily as a trading company, CES has ventured into being a Manufacturer representative /Distributor for electronic component manufacturers of a number of U.S. Fortune 500 listed companies and international brand names. It has been stocking product for some local and oversea OEM customers who were unable to accept the long lead times from the factory. Thus the “value added process” began and over the years CES had entered into agreements with various offshore manufacturers to supply their products in the Asia Pacific marketplace. CES is currently in a position to provide the selection and reliability that is essential for the customers to meet the manufacturing demands and deadlines.


To be one of the top ten marketing and distribution agencies in the asia pacific region.

To be customer focused

To be fast, flexible and adaptable to market changes


To understand customer needs

To use our marketing & technical engineering expertise

To provide solutions to our diversified customer base

To optimise our product portfolio, marketing & distribution channels to provide excellent service to our target customers at a competitive price

To commit to continous improvements
To seek vendor partnership


Excellent customer contacts

Broad range of electrical and electronic products

Team of technically qualified and competent electrical / electronic engineers

Aggressive product promotion

Good pricing strategy

Advance inventory planning and forecasting

Constant update on the market trends

Planned regional marketing strategies

Centralized inventory management

Offer value-added services
Restructured to meet customer and vendor requirements

Positioning for regional participation in Asia Pacific markets

Broad understanding and knowledge of industry trends

Proven abilities to develop new customers and markets